Monday, 9 October 2017

Saying farewell to Zuster Greening.  She is leaving for home after serving in our mission so faithfully. What an angel!

A tearful goodby from Zusters Van den Berger and Zuster Dew 
for Zuster Greening. 

Lucky winners of an apron for having the cleanest apartments (the mission "Good Housekeeping" award) given at their August zone conference.  From the right Elders Dvorak, Nusbaum, Nielsen, Lewis, Mancer and Adams and 
Zusters Boyd, Bratt, and Neale.

Elder and Zuster Oliver, one of our great couples, who will soon be leaving us to return to their home in Salt Lake City.

Another August zone conference with Elder Gary Sabin and his wife (seated on the front row right, next to the Bunnells).

Indonesian dinner with Elder Gary Sabin of the Europe Area Presidency
and Sister Sabin. Also present were the Van der Puts, Van Beeks, Bunnells, Reeves, and Goebels.

Additional winners of aprons at the August zone conference. This is the mission "Good Housekeeping" award for those having the cleanest apartments.  From the left, Elder Gemmell, Zuster Leman, Elder Jeanfreau, Zusters Cliff and Wallman and Elder Jensen.